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Цена: 1 200 000 фунт., ex VAT ( ~93 588 000 руб , ~1 321 678 евро , ~1 627 901 $ )
Местонахождение: Англия, Oyster
Длина яхты полная:19.32 м
Длина корпуса:19.32 м
Длина по ватерлинии:17.23 м
Ширина яхты:5.44 м
Водоизмещение:33500 кг
Дополнительная информация:
Blue Jeannie was the first of the multi-award winning Oyster 625s to be launched. 

Built for an existing owner, she was originally commissioned with a view to entering the Oyster Yacht Charter programme conforming to the MCA charter regulations, and equipped to the highest standards to offer the ultimate luxury charter experience. Whilst Blue Jeannie enjoyed a successful charter programme in her first year, the owner then chose to return
her to private use, and based her in the eastern Mediterranean, where she has been lightly used for the last three seasons.

Blue Jeannie is superbly equipped, and features all the comforts one would expect from a yacht of this calibre. Her specification includes air conditioning, water maker, fridge freezer, state of the art entertainment systems, as well as a
wealth of other features which enable the owner and guests to relax and enjoy everything this luxurious yacht has to offer.

The 625 was the first Oyster design to feature the vertical hull ports, or ’seascape’ windows to the saloon, which, when combined with her sweeping ‘g5’ deck saloon windows, and Blue Jeannie′s contemporary light maple interior joinery, make
for a wonderful light and airy space below.

Above decks, Blue Jeannie has a stunning spacious cockpit with twin wheels. The sloop rig features hydraulic in mast furling with powered headsail furling, allow her be sailed short-handed, yet still provide the keenest of sailors with an exhilarating ride.

Blue Jeannie has been well maintained throughout her life, and the owner is now looking to downsize to a smaller Oyster.
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Подробнее на сайте: www.oysteryachts.com
Предложение опубликовано: 26 июля 2017 года
Продавец: Oyster
Местонахождение: Англия
+440147 XXX-XX-XX
Web: www.oysteryachts.com

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