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Oyster 575/04 (Boarding Pass III), 2010 года

Это предложение помечено как ПРОДАННОЕ
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Цена: 790 000 фунт., ex VAT ( ~66 439 000 руб , ~907 885 евро , ~1 072 635 $ )
Местонахождение: Англия, Oyster
Длина яхты полная:17.99 м
Длина по ватерлинии:15.72 м
Ширина яхты:5.00 м
Водоизмещение:28,000 кг
Дополнительная информация:
When the last Oyster 56 was launched in 2010, Rob Humphreys was tasked with improving on the most successful Oyster model ever. His response was the 575, still aimed at the private owner without the need for crew, but building on that experience to create a yacht that has more volume, length, depth and height, but with a similar displacement to the 56.
He gave the 575 a longer waterline and increased sail area, which enhance both sailing performance and comfort at sea. The 575 also carries her beam further aft, permitting a larger aft deck, and increasing the size of the superb owner’s stateroom. However the biggest change can be seen in the cockpit; now with twin wheels, which not only improve the helmsman’s experience, but also greatly simplify movement around the cockpit area, and access to the aft deck.
Currently the best selling model in the current Oyster range, the 575 continues to build on the legacy of her predecessor, and remains the obvious choice for those seeking the ultimate shorthanded bluewater cruiser under 60 feet.
Boarding Pass was launched in 2010, and has been sailed as a private yacht, but also has a successful charter record. She is simplicity itself to handle, sloop rigged with push-button hydraulic furling to both her mainsail and genoa, with the deck hardware for both trysail and storm jib, should either ever become necessary.
Quarter cut oak joinery and taupe Alcantara upholstery below decks give a spacious and luxurious feel, where she sleeps up to eight in four cabins. Only for sale as the owner has ordered a larger Oyster, Boarding Pass represents a great opportunity to acquire one of these superb yachts at a substantial saving on the replacement cost. She is lying in Ipswich, and is available for viewing at any convenient time.
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Предложение опубликовано: 11 августа 2016 года

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