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Цена: 300 000 евро ( ~25 950 000 руб , ~336 620 $ )
Местонахождение: Генуя
Длина :8 м
Ширина:2.8 м
Осадка:0.8 м
Двигатель:Volvo D4-265
Дополнительная информация:

Engine mounted generator
Bow thruster 5 Kw
Air condition 20.000 BTU
Battery to run AC for about 5-15 min (or longer if posible)
Shore-power connection in the Electrical locker at helm station
Battery charger
Fire fighting system
Hydraulic steering system
Shower with hot and cold water
Trim tabs to be installed
Automatic bilge pump
Automatic bilge pump in engine room, normally in off position – mainly to be used when Limo is being towed
Second, independent bilge pump installed
Fridge at the aft part of the seating area in a hatch into the engine room, big enough to store champagne bottles

Raymarine E80
Raystar 125 GPS Sensor
DSM Digital sounder300
Transom transducer P66
Raymarine RAY 54E VHF

CD/Radio (no TV and DVD player) check for Make/model with IconConnect
4 x loudspeakers in accomodation (Make Sonance XT)

Internal curtesy lights/rescue light, below seating. No rope light. Remove recesses. Standard
Royal Tender curtesy lights to be fitted.
4 pcs. Interior lights
2 pcs. Forward facing projectors in the bow (stainless steel, glass)
Navigation light

Nav. lights (LED), but not Lopo-light
Running & anchor lights
360° Anchor/Towing light (LED) to be on removable pole, rigged in fwd cockpit – provide storage position
Deck equipment

Teak deck
2 Removable handrails
Polished stainless steel flagstaff
Flag pole/pole navigation to be mounted on a plate instead of three mounting points.
Aft side of the windshield frame to incorporate horizontal hand-hold (if space permits) and bolt rope channel for canvas cover
Vertical handrail above the windshield forward
Integrated Swim ladder in stern platform
Shower and hose connection for deck wash located in SB or Port aft. locker (On aft deck)
Polished stainless steel retractable Cleats
Foldable Removable rail at the forward side entrance. Socket for removable handrail mounted in steps
Movable forward stairs - can be used for boarding: forward, SB and PS
Forward locker to be used for small luggage
Possibility to store luggage on the aft deck. Padeyes and cargo net
Small boarding passerelle (folding, carbon fiber, similar to this) to be provided and storage planned
Tow eye at the bow, capable of towing at a speed of 14 knots
All deck hardware to have substantial aluminium backing plate(s)
Aft lifting points has a quick release lever at helm station
No anchor arrangement installed
Fwd cockpit has a tight fitting canvas cover to minimize water entry during rain and towing

High quality exterior grade upholstery
Storage for life vest behind cushions.
Planned storage for medical emergency kit(s), flares etc.

Pierre to double check dimensions in garage/entrance.
Or Sliding lifting roof to be decided by final Renderings supplied by EOI
Check possibility to lower the Floor at the helm station/forward entrance to provide better weather protection for helmsman. Check CE regulations.
Investigate possibility to move ER bulkhead even more to allow more space for the outside staircase.
Solution for steps for aft entrance into the accommodation to make more leg-space for the persons seated at the aft. Position. This will affect the window that slides down Solution to be investigated.
Foot well at the helm station, below the helm, for better seating when driving.
Seating for helmsman and for a 2nd crew to be foldable.
Make the curve at the bow for bow more straight-boarding
Engine room, bilges and all visible surfaces to have a glossy finish for easy cleaning.
Structural GRP fuel tanks or Steel tanks to be decided by builder
Fuel tanks below seating
Chafing strip (stainless?) on the bow, for protection when driving the tender onto the beach.
Special request for brand on hose clams – Make: ABA
Check with the Glass supplier for solution on non-scratch able roof-glass, folia (or Iphone glass solution)
Tint of the glass roof to be decided.
Tinting of glass: Espen Oeino to decide
Hull/deck/fender colour: Espen Oeino to decide (for info: colour on the mothership: Carinthia Blue)
Owners delivery: the “tender track” from Palma to be installed if suplied
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Подробнее на сайте: jonacor-marine.ru
Предложение опубликовано: 9 сентября 2022 года
Продавец: Jonacor Marine
Jonacor Marine
Местонахождение: Россия, Санкт-Петербург
+7 812 XXX-XX-XX
Web: www.jonacor-marine.ru

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