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Цена: 29 500 000 евро ( ~2 090 080 000 руб , ~28 678 375 $ )
Местонахождение: Palm Beach
Длина полная:62 м
Длина корпуса:62 м
Ширина:11 м
Дополнительная информация:
Multi­award winning yacht, SEALYON is designed in collaboration with Espen Oeino and represents a blending of the traditional
and the modern, elegant lines and simplicity.
Her interior design showcases the best designs of Candy & Candy London. Exceptional glamour fused with contemporary design
and quality is combined with the most luxurious detailing.
SEALYON is undoubtedly a yacht that has fulfilled its mission statement with the highest build quality and superbly comfortable,
beautifully decorated and detailed interior. She is in excellent condition thanks to an impeccable maintenance.

The key features of this 62m VSY are:

A Magnificent Master suite on the main deck, raised half a level, boasts panoramic views, walk­in dressing area and large Grigio
Carnico marble bathroom with a vast Spa bath and shower, both with in­built televisions.
Beautiful glass guest lift with modesty misting runs from the lower deck with its four guest cabins ­ two convertible twins and two
spacious double cabins ­ to the bridge deck with its fully equipped rosewood office.
Spacious media room is the ideal retreat for relaxation; it features a 103 inch Plasma screen and the world’s first segmented sun
Stunning teak finished split­level sundeck ­ The aft area features a rotating sun bed with mist options for cooling down, individual
sun loungers, further seating and a bespoke dining table. Forward is a separate lounge area which boasts fabulous sunbathing
space, and an oversized 12­person Jacuzzi complete with Chroma therapy lighting, and bar.
Well­equipped gym on the main deck, with large windows for uninterrupted sea views complete with TV, iPod system, treadmill,
Power Plate, free weights and Technogym.
SEALYON 62 has an extensive selection of water toys including a Castoldi tender, Jet Skis, Sea Bobs a 7m freestyle slide and an
array of towables.
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Предложение опубликовано: 13 сентября 2020 года
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