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Цена: 9 500 000 евро ( ~953 515 000 руб , ~11 539 574 $ )
Местонахождение: Италия
Длина полная:39,6 м
Длина корпуса:39.6 м
Ширина:8 м
Осадка :2.40 м
Водоизмещение:388000 кг
Двигатель:2 X MAN D-2842 735Kw
Максимальная скорость:14 узлов
Круизная скорость:12 узлов
Объем бака для воды:10243 л
Объем топливного бака:65982 л
Кают на яхте:5
Дополнительная информация:
This 40-meter three-deck luxury superyacht certainly is one of the best products of Factoria Naval de Marin. Steel hull and aluminum superstructure gives her maximum durability and seaworthiness. The boat was delivered in 2014 and received many positive reviews at the Monaco Yacht Show that year.

Exterior designed by Giorgio Vafiadis is stylish and recognizable, with pure lines and elegancy. You will get a strong feeling of being onboard of much bigger yacht. Luxury yet laconic interior was created by Askdeco and recently renewed and upgraded by the present Owner. The size of the vessel allowed architects to create a spacious interior like in a magnificent modern style country house. Extensive glazing of public spaces adds a large amount of daylight. The use of mirrored ceiling panels makes interior even more individual and expands the onboard space.

The full-beam Upper Salon is a truly unique feature for a yacht this size. None of the other yachts in the category or bigger doesn’t provide the same size for a second Salon. Spacious full-beam master stateroom is located on the Main deck and 4 other cabins are on the Lower deck, all with en-suite bathrooms. FNM 40 can accommodate up to 10 guests and 7 crew.

The yacht stands out with a magnificent huge sundeck incl. Jacuzzi and two massive sun cushions. She also has a big spacious garage for a 6 m tender and the toys. The cruising speed of this full displacement yacht Powered by two MAN diesel engines 1000hp each FNM 40 can reach a top speed in 14 knots with the cruising speed about 12 knots,. She is in perfect condition, all systems works great.
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Подробнее на сайте: -+jonacor-yachts.com
Предложение опубликовано: 22 марта 2024 года
Продавец: Jonacor Marine
Jonacor Marine
Местонахождение: Россия, Санкт-Петербург
+7 812 XXX-XX-XX

Web: www.jonacor-marine.ru

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